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Main information about Chilliwack

Chilliwack, British Columbia, British Columbia. GPS coordinates: 49.16638, -121.95257.
Time zone: America/Vancouver. Chilliwack on such kinds of maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Wikimapia, HotelsMap. Usefull for tourist rout near cities and villages: Chilliwack, Agassiz, Baker Trails, Bell Acres, Slesse Park, Harrison Hot Springs, Rosedale, Ryder Lake, Promontory, Fairfield, Sardis, Cultus Lake, Vedder Crossing, South Sumas, Lindell Beach, Atchelitz, Greendale, Yarrow, Yarrow, Deroche, Barrowtown, Arnold, Dewdney, Kilgard, Straiton, Hatzic, Miracle Valley, Ridgedale, Hemlock Valley, Minto Landing, Lindell, Promonotory; or for traveling near lakes: Agassiz Slough, Cheam Lake, Hotsprings Slough, Cheam Slough, Campbell Lake, Hogg Slough, Hope Slough, Francis Lake, Camp Slough, Greyell Slough, Mountain Slough, Wolf Lake, Grace Lake, Morris Lake, Stacey Lake, Weaver Lake, Ryder Lake, Liumchen Lake, Gravel Slough, Nelson Slough, Bell Slough, Bateson Slough, Duncan Slough, Elbow Lake, Shefford Slough, Echo Lake, Cultus Lake, Coco-oppelo Slough, Lake Errock, Chehalis Lake, Stewart Slough, Lewis Slough, Wilson Slough, Zaitscullachan Slough, Quaamitch Slough, Miller Slough, McGillivray Slough, Dickson Lake, Nicomen Slough, Thurston Lake, Chadsey Lake, Sonny Lake, Mud Slough, Arnold Slough, Strawberry Slough, Blinch Lake, McKay Lake, Allan Lake, Chilqua Slough, Salsbury Lake, Lower Hatzic Slough, Page Lake, Hatzic Lake, Davis Lake, Kenyon Lake, Sardis Pond; or for climbing on: Mount McGuire, Mount Thurston, Elk Mountain, Mount Agassiz, Church Mountain, Liumchen Mountain, Mount Woodside, Mount Tom, Mount Klaudt, Mount Shannon, Mount Keenan, Mount Amadis, Harrison Knob, Isar Mountain, Mount Downing, Mount Davies, Chilliwack Mountain, Vedder Mountain, Deroche Mountain, Mount Wardrop, Mount Fletcher, Nicomen Mountain, Mount Catherwood, Mount Jasper, Mount Kettley, Sumas Mountain, Mount St. Benedict, Vedder Peak, Sumas Peak, Taggart Peak, Dewdney Peak, McKee Peak, Lookout Ridge, International Ridge; the nearest hotels: Executive Hotel - Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Beach Hotel, Ramada Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa West Wing, Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa Main Hotel Min 2 Ngts, Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, RANCH PARK LODGE, Days Inn Chilliwack Bc, Coast Chilliwack Hotel Comfort, Coast Chilliwack Hotel Superior, Coast Chilliwack, Rhombus Hotel Downtown Chilliwack, Vedder River Inn, TRAVELODGE CHILLIWACK, Le Comfort Inn, COMFORT INN CHILLIWACK, Hampton Inn By Hilton Chilliwack, BEST WESTERN RAINBOW CNTRY INN, Best Western Rainbow Country, Best Western Rainbow Country Inn, Travelodge Vancouver Airport, Ramada Plaza Conference Ctr, Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre, Ramada Plaza And Conference Centre;

Other names: Chilliwack, YCW.

12 day Weather Forecast - Chilliwack

FRI 23.04

1,013 hPa
SAT 24.04

1,008 hPa
SUN 25.04

1,007 hPa
MON 26.04

1,011 hPa
TUE 27.04

1,017 hPa
WED 28.04

1,023 hPa
THU 29.04

1,017 hPa
FRI 30.04

1,020 hPa
SAT 1.05

1,015 hPa
SUN 2.05

1,015 hPa
MON 3.05

1,013 hPa
TUE 4.05

1,012 hPa

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