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Main information about Field

Field, British Columbia, British Columbia. GPS coordinates: 51.39997, -116.48551.
Time zone: America/Edmonton. Field on such kinds of maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Wikimapia, HotelsMap. Usefull for tourist rout near cities and villages: Stephen, Field, Leanchoil; or for traveling near lakes: Washmawapta Icefield, West Washmawapta Glacier, Sharp Glacier, Goodsir Glacier, Cathedral Glacier, Niles Glacier, Daly Glacier, Waputik Icefield, Fairy Glacier, Trolltinder Glacier, Diableret Glacier, Hanbury Glacier, Emerald Glacier, Yoho Glacier, McArthur Glacier, Glacier des Poilus, Ayesha Glacier, Summit Lake, Ross Lake, Lake Oesa, Sink Lake, Lefroy Lake, Opabin Lake, Victoria Lake, Hungabee Lake, Yukness Lake, Lake O'Hara, Mary Lake, Lake McArthur, Schaffer Lake, Wapta Lake, Linda Lake, Sherbrooke Lake, Fairy Lake, Yoho Lake, Lake Duchesnay, Lake Celeste, Marpole Lake, Emerald Lake, Lone Duck Lake, Peaceful Pond, Lateral Lake, Hamilton Lake, Kiwetinok Lake, Amiskwi Lake, Snowdrift Lake, Frigid Lake, Little Gem Lake, Cascade Lakes, Moor Lakes, Narao Lakes, Morning Glory Lakes, Cathedral Lakes, Hidden Lakes, Twin Lakes; or for climbing on: Upper Canyon, Deltaform Mountain, Mount Lefroy, Mount Oke, Mount Biddle, Mount Huber, Yukness Mountain, The Watch Tower, Helmet Mountain, Mount Schaffer, Mount Bosworth, Sharp Mountain, Misko Mountain, Park Mountain, Odaray Mountain, Mount Goodsir, Zinc Mountain, South Tower, Fulmen Mountain, Cathedral Mountain, Mount Ogden, North Tower, Mount Owen, Mount Niles, Mount Stephen, Mount Duchesnay, Mount Field, Wapta Mountain, Aquila Mountain, Garnet Mountain, Mount Dennis, Trolltinder Mountain, Mount Burgess, Mount Ennis, Ottertail Range, Mount Gordon, Mount Vaux, Mount Hurd, President Range, The Vice President, The President, Whaleback Mountain, Hamilton Spur, Mount Rhondda, Mount Carnarvon, Mount Marpole, Mount Collie, Mont des Poilus, Mount McArthur, Mount Pollinger, Mount Kerr, Mount King, Mount Hunter, Mount Deville, Mount Horsey, Sea Shoal Mountain, Waputik Mountains, Ottertail Pass, Misko Pass, Kicking Horse Pass, Opabin Pass, Goodsir Pass, Biddle Pass, McArthur Pass, Odaray Pass, Duchesnay Pass, Dennis Pass, Balfour Pass, Burgess Pass, Yoho Pass, Hurd Pass, President Pass, Emerald Pass, Kiwetinok Pass, Amiskwi Pass, Wenkchemna Peak, Eagle Eyrie, Ringrose Peak, Limestone Peak, Curtis Peak, Popes Peak, Narao Peak, Vanguard Peak, Paget Peak, Sentry Peak, Hanbury Peak, Clawson Peak, Allan Peak, Walcott Peak, Butwell Peak, Chancellor Peak, Michael Peak, The Secretary-Treasurer, Yoho Peak, Emerald Peak, Isolated Peak, Arete Peak, Ayesha Peak, Kiwetinok Peak, Amiskwi Peak, Hagen Peak, Porcupine Peak, Ogre Peak, Wiwaxy Peaks, Hamilton Ridge, Tocher Ridge, Kiwetinok Ridge; the nearest hotels: Emerald Lake Lodge, CATHEDRAL MOUNTAIN LODGE;

Other names: Field.

12 day Weather Forecast - Field

FRI 23.04

1,017 hPa
SAT 24.04

1,007 hPa
SUN 25.04

1,002 hPa
MON 26.04

1,001 hPa
TUE 27.04

1,010 hPa
WED 28.04

1,016 hPa
THU 29.04

1,015 hPa
FRI 30.04

1,011 hPa
SAT 1.05

1,013 hPa
SUN 2.05

1,013 hPa
MON 3.05

1,013 hPa
TUE 4.05

998 hPa

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The nearest cities & villages: Stephen, Field, Leanchoil, and others.

The nearest hotels: Emerald Lake Lodge, CATHEDRAL MOUNTAIN LODGE, and others.

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